So you want to know who’s running the hippest family store in Ithaca? Well, we’re just a couple of hip mamas ourselves, intensely passionate about sustainable clothing and fashionable families.

Draya Koschmann has been running her own handcrafted jewelry business for eight years, and was a working member of Handwork, Ithaca’s Cooperative Craft Store for almost that long. She has served as President of the Executive Board and has been involved as a buyer of wholesale crafts.  In addition to her profession as a jeweler and craft coop member, she is also the mother of an awesome four year old who keeps her well entertained, well cuddled, and always busy. Draya is passionate about natural parenting, artistic education, and labor rights. She is excited to provide her community with a source of sustainable, sweatshop free clothes, as well as a great place for parents to meet and connect with each other.

McKenzie Jones Rounds is deeply invested in the idea of people having fun. She has backgrounds in human development and design that afford her insight about the aesthetics and usability of children’s play structures, toys, and clothing. She is also the President of Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative and serves on Ithaca’s Planning and Development Board. McKenzie lives in a downtown cohousing neighborhood that feeds into her belief that life is best when lived cooperatively. Her sons, Felix and Arlo, are hilarious and huggable. McKenzie loves local food and foreign films and dreams of being a rock star.


Bloom is a project that sparked from our love of play and we are so happy to be working hard to bring something so fun and necessary to our community. We are also indebted to the hard work and amazing vision of some of our best friends who helped us during the early planning stages of Bloom. Linda Holzbaur, Grace Ritter, and Nicole Watson, thank you for your creativity, dedication, and friendship!