Cash Mob at Bloom on Sunday, June 8

From our good friends at The Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network:

On June 8th let’s come together to shop and play at Bloom (134 E. State St. on the Commons) and help make their business a success! Fabulous Women’s and kid’s clothes and toys – and don’t forget the super fun indoor play space! Organic, sustainable, US-made with a focus on local and just down right chic!

Check out their story below to see why they are so special to us all and what they bring to the community.

How it works: You bring $20 to spend. We bring music, food, fun & happiness!

The Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network (The SEEN) presents our second SEEN Cash Mob to help bolster the success of a local sustainable business. If you have never heard of the international Cash Mob movement, check out what has to say about it: “We target the small, local businesses that make each community special in order to give the business owners an economic stimulus. We help businesses grow, we make people happy, we get stuff for ourselves, we have a great time! We each do a little. Together, we all do a lot.”

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, June 8th from 2-5pm!

Bloom is the store for the conscientious consumer. Two local hip mamas opened Bloom in 2012 to meet a growing demand for a place where kids could play and women could gather and co-parent. They have joined their love for all things kid healthy with a love of kid’s and women’s fashion. Bloom has become a place where women can pamper themselves while their kids run off extra energy. Dads love the playful and relaxed environment too and can often be found lounging on the resident bean bags. As one of many new businesses on the commons they have struggled with slowed foot traffic. This is a great opportunity for all of us to explore a new fabulous store in town and help it thrive as a pillar business in our community.

In Cahoots with Bloom

In cahoots with bloomWell, we got robbed. We’ve run the whole gamut of emotions and are pretty much over it, especially because The Mama’s Comfort Camp came to us with a great idea to help us feel loved and supported…and make back some money! To be honest, we feel like some bad*** chicks now that we’ve made it through our first robbery somewhat unscathed. It kind of feels like initiation into being real deal business owners. Why not see the positives, right?

Please read the description below of the great events the MCC is planning for us on February 8!

In Cahoots with Bloom

Ithacans! Please join the Mama’s Comfort Camp (a local support network of moms) as we show our overwhelming support for Bloom after a recent robbery. Bloom, a retail store and play-space on the Ithaca Commons, is owned by two mother entrepreneurs, and its play space has become a second home to many Ithaca mothers and care givers. We want to lift our voices in an outpouring of financial and emotional support in order to demonstrate that we will not be silent after a thoughtless act of vandalism. We invite the community to join us as we take a stand to sustain a local downtown business that makes Ithaca a more family-friendly town.

Co-owners Draya and McKenzie were shocked to learn that Bloom had been robbed in the middle of the night in early January. While they feel incredibly lucky that their store and merchandise were not damaged, they lost a considerable amount of cash and were responsible for fixing their shattered door, neither of which are being covered by their insurance. Although this was a devastating violation, Draya and McKenzie are amazed by and grateful for the outpouring of support they have received from the Bloom community. Please join Mama’s Comfort Camp in offering them a hand to replenish some costs and feel that their store is loved and safe!

We have organized two events to help them recover:

A cash mob event for Saturday February 8th encourages all those who depend on and support Bloom to come out and shop. Anyone can shop on that day whether to purchase for yourself and your family or a family you know will benefit from ethically sourced toys and clothes. They will also have gift certificates available for purchase that can be used for play or merchandise. This will run from 12pm to 5pm. We will have light refreshments laid out along with Courtney Schroeder of Little Buddhas Yoga who will offer yoga for children and families and Angie Beeler of Music&Motion who will sing family songs.

As a more direct fundraising event, on the evening of Saturday February 8th from 8:30 to 10 the local branch of Mama’s Comfort Camp will be sponsoring a Mama’s in Pajama’s Party. This will be a luxurious evening of sensory awareness. Please wear your comfiest pjs or casual clothes. We will be enjoying niblies and Bubbly as well as indulging in presentations by:
-Yael Saar, Founder and Keeper of the Mama’s Comfort Camp will be guiding a Self-Kindness ritual involving gentle movement and nourishing self-talk.
-Avital’s Apiaries will soothe your winter weary skin by providing scented and unscented Winter Balm for Yael Saar’s self-kindness ritual, as well as free soap samples for everyone. One lucky guest will win a goody bag fit for a queen with “Malka” Dead Sea Salt soap, “Vashti” Winter Balm, and other treats (a $30 value!).
-Lital Dorchin will be teaching LILA – a ritual north african ritual of women’s healing, connecting, and dancing in the old ways.
-Other wonderful presenters are in the works, so stay tuned.

You can find the event here:

Clarification: Cash Mob February 8th 12-5. light refreshments and children’s yoga. Join us to shop!! February 8th 8:30pm to 10:30. Niblies, bubbly, dance, self-kindness, girlfriends, oh my… Mothers/women only (sorry dads) $25 at the door, or free for those who would spend $50 and up shopping at the store on that day.


Bloom is Ithaca’s newest destination for children and families with their fun and interactive play space and ethically sourced retail store on the Commons. Since the winter of 2012-2013 caregivers have been shopping for responsible play clothes and toys and bringing their little ones to enjoy the comfort and stimulation of their art space, loft, play restaurant, and bean bags! |

Mama’s Comfort Camp is a free support community online and in real life. We are over 1000 mothers from all around the world (over 500 are from the Ithaca area) connecting via a private facebook group to offer loving peer support online and mutual assistance locally. Together we normalize the challenges and celebrate the joys of the roller-coaster ride called motherhood, all in a safe space free from judgment, protected from unsolicited advice, and steeped with respect and kindness. In Ithaca we enjoy a vibrant and responsive network of local moms helping each other out. We hold free monthly support meetings, play-dates, moms nights out, and classes. Free and open to all kinds of moms with kids of kids of ANY age. Whether you are a mother of a newborn or a grandmother (or in any stage in between) you are welcome to join us at